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ETS Classroom Technology Updates

Welcome to the Spring Semester! ETS made a number of upgrades and enhancements to classrooms and learning centers in preparation for the Spring Semester.

What and Where?

New PCs - 200 new PCs were installed in the Electronic Learning Centers (ELCs) at both the Brighton and Damon City Campuses and the ELC computers were cascaded to many classrooms (faster processors and more memory).

Improved Classroom Technology Notification System – Starting this semester, when there are classroom technology issues, a notification card will be posted on the instructor’s station in the affected classroom. If you see a card with a red background, we know about the problem and are working on it. If there is a green background, we think we have resolved the problem.  Please call the AV hotline (ext. 2828) to report any problems.  In addition, the instructors scheduled for these classrooms will receive email notification. 

New Gleason Hall (Bldg. 9) Classroom Technology - New classrooms are now open in Gleason Hall including four Active Learning Environments that include multiple SMARTboards, document cameras, and additional technology.

Need Assistance and Training?

Classroom Technology:  Faculty assigned to a smart classroom should have received an e-mail describing the technology in their classroom including instructions on how to use it. For more information, assistance, and training for classroom technology, please contact the AVAV hotline, ext. 2828.

For Office PC and Network assistance and technology training (non-classroom technology), faculty and staff should contact:

ETS Call Center (Help Desk)     

On Campus:   ext. 4357

Off Campus:  292-2000 - ask for the Call Center or Help Desk

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services