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Do you have an Accountability Partner?

The holiday season brings with it many tempting holiday drinks, cookies, and feasts from Thanksgiving to New Years. We all need help to keep those temptations under control. I recommend you get yourself an accountability partner. Both of you join Project Zero. Give your accountability partner permission to ask you "How are you doing on Project Zero?" It is that easy!
Just find one person who will ask you that one question every day. Both of you sign up for Project Zero. That's it. Feel free to include your friends and family as possible accountability partners. The MCC Wellness Council's Project Zero gives you access to many likeminded, dedicated accountability partners. Sign up for Project Zero and you gain access to our Facebook group where you will find words of encouragement and a variety of ideas, including healthy recipes to keep you from crushing the scale. This season, Commit, Control, & Maintain.

I am looking forward to giving and getting words of encouragement and motivation and I hope to see your name on the list of participants.

Partner with the MCC Wellness Council and the MCC Foundation by registering at

Donate $10 to the MCC Foundation to register for Project Zero. If you donate $25 you will receive an extra entry in the drawing for healthy prizes. Each additional $25 gets you another entry. We have a three-month membership to the YMCA, gift cards for REI, and more.

The challenge starts today. Will you take on the challenge?

Questions? Contact The Wellness Council at

Kevin Simmons
Wellness Council