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Paws For Consideration

Entries continue to come in for the Wellness Council Pet Contest. Recall that you can enter your pet's picture into four categories: Cutest, Looks most like their owner, Best Costume, and Oddest. (To enter, send your picture to the Wellness Council at and remember to let us know what category you are entering.) The pictures will be posted on the Wellness Council's Facebook page on 10/28, 10/29, and 10/30 for the MCC public to vote on. The pictures with the most "likes" will win each category. Voting ends at 4:15 PM 10/30.

Keep in mind that to see your picture and the other entries when they are posted you will have to be a member of the Wellness Council's Facebook group. To join the group:

  • From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu.
  • In the search bar at the top, enter MCC College Wellness Council.
  • Select the group then click "+ Join Group" below the cover photo.
  • Click Join Group.

Since you will have to wait for a group admin to approve your request, do not wait until the last minute to request access. Increase your odds of winning by encouraging your MCC friends to join our group and vote as well.


The Wellness Council Pet Contest Team

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Wellness Council