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Professional Development for All Employees

A new DCC Professional Development Day – from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 14 – will feature Dr. William E. Sedlacek.

Professor of counseling and personnel services at the University of Maryland’s College of Education and assistant director of the counseling center, Dr. Sedlacek has published extensively in professional journals on a wide range of topics including racism, sexism, college admissions, advising and employee selection.

He is senior author of "Racism in American Education: A Model for Change" and "A Measure of Racial Attitudes, The Situational Attitude Scale." He also has authored more than a hundred articles on the topic of noncognitive assessment and is one of the nation’s leading authorities in the field. His latest book, “Beyond the Big Test: Noncognitive Assessment in Higher Education,” addresses a noncognitive assessment method that can be used by colleges and universities in concert with standardized tests. He earned his Ph.D. from Kansas State University, and master's and bachelor's degrees from Iowa State University.

His presentation at DCC will look at issues of diversity and examine factors within the campus climate. To learn more about Dr. Sedlacek, visit

The event - which will include a panel discussion and time for networking with colleagues - is sponsored by the Offices of the Executive Dean, Dean of Academic Services and Dean of Student Services at Damon City Campus; the Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee; and, the Diversity Council.

An agenda for the day’s activities and location will be forthcoming. Watch the Trib for further details.

Emeterio M. Otero
Executive Dean, Damon City Campus