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Branding Update: Setting the Right Path Forward to Attract Future Students

In partnership with our agency of record, Crowley Webb, MCC is revisiting the college’s brand to explore what aspects of MCC resonate with our various audiences, most especially current and future students. 

Our brand is the idea and promise that our community -- especially students and employers -- associates with Monroe Community College. It is more than our logo; our brand is the foundation of our great reputation and our standard of excellence that separates us from other colleges. Our brand is you.

According to the American Marketing Association, a good brand:

* Delivers the message clearly
* Confirms your credibility
* Connects with [students] emotionally
* Motivates [students]
* Cements loyalty

The first step in refreshing the college’s brand is research. Recently, many of you have been asked to participate in the research phase of this initiative. Our research will be completed this month thanks to the nearly 1,400 MCC employees, students, and other stakeholders who responded to online surveys and in-depth interviews over the past month. Thank you for your feedback! 

MCC’s Institutional Research Office, especially Angel Andreu and Mary Ann DeMario, significantly contributed to and supported our research phase. Please join us in thanking them for the great work.

The survey data will help us confirm and refresh our promise to the community and refresh our brand. Stay tuned and look for our next branding update in April.

Sue Tingey & Rosanna Condello
Marketing Communications & College and Community Relations