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Financial Aid Meal Plan

Did you know... students can now purchase a Dining Plan with their financial aid. If a student has more estimated financial aid than he or she needs to pay all of tuition, fees, books and housing, he or she can now purchase a dining plan at Sodexo for up to $200.00*.

We know that dining with friends is an integral part of the college experience. Whether it’s a quick bite on the go or a casual sit-down with friends, a Dining Plan makes it easy to refuel and reconnect.

*Student accounts must have a credit balance in order to be eligible for the Dining Plan. Also, students must have a valid MCC Student ID.

At the Brighton Campus stop by the MCC Association Service Desk:
January 22nd—25th from 9am – 6pm; Friday 9am – 4pm
January 28th – February 11th 9am - 5pm; Friday 9am - 4pm

At the Damon City Campus stop by the Financial Aid Service Desk
January 22th – 25th from 9am – 4pm
January 28th – February 11th from 9am – 4 pm

Maryjane Starr
MCC Association, Inc.