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A Success! -- Jason Pollock and "The Youngest Candidate" at DCC

About 40 students, faculty and staff enjoyed filmmaker Jason Pollock’s visit and his documentary "The Youngest Candidate" as part of the Sociology Film Series at DCC on March 5th. The event included an almost hour long discussion on Jason’s youth political movement and a giveaway of gifts, including a Zune.  An educational, fun time was had by all! 

Attached is a picture of Jason Pollock (second from left), surrounded by event organizers Christine Plumeri, Sociology (left), Rick Sadwick, Director of DCC’s Campus Center (second from right) and Bethany Gizzi, Sociology (right). 

Thank you to Bailey for the pictures and to our event sponsors -  the DCC Campus Center, S.E.G.A., the office of the DCC Dean of Student Services, the Doorways to Success initiative, the office of the Dean of Liberal Arts, VaPA and AHPS.

Finally, stay tuned to the Tribune for details regarding another Sociology Film Series at DCC event featuring filmmaker and MCC alumnus, Nicholle LaVann.   She and her unreleased documentary, Homicidez, will be at DCC on Wed., April 29th at 3:00pm.  This film focuses on violence and homicide in the city of Rochester.

Christine Plumeri and Bethany Gizzi
Anthropology/History/Political Science/Sociology