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Another Dynamic Summer Program for Upward Bound

Upward Bound, a four-year college prep program for city high school students, has done it again!  Housed at MCC’s Damon City campus, Upward Bound facilitates a comprehensive six week summer program for students in grades 9-11.  With a concentration on academics, Upward Bound provided preparation for the upcoming school year by offering students courses that include Math, English, Science, and Spanish. 

To enhance the efficiency of our programming, students were previously tested to discover their learning styles.  We found that the majority of our population are Tactile/Kinesthetic learners.   As a result, we decided to take a more hands-on approach to learning.  Examples include writing children books for kids in Uganda, interactive science activities with the Rochester Museum and Science Center, scrap booking, and various social skills workshops.  Other summer highlights included SAT/PSAT preparation, transitional studies in math, volunteering at the Rochester Presbyterian Home, and a Toastmasters series.  We concluded our summer with an educational trip to our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. 

Thanks to all Upward Bound staff and Samson Olaode, Director of the STAGE program for your hard work.  This year's summer program was arguably our best yet!

Eboni White and Carmelita Brown Wallace
Upward Bound