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Starfish Updates

It has been a busy semester in the Starfish world here at MCC. Thank you to all faculty and staff for your patience during the soft roll-out of the attendance policy utilizing Starfish as our attendance-taking tool. We continue to assess this process to promote students' successful participations in classes.

We've seen another successful round of Starfish surveys this semester! The most recent one, The Kudos Survey, ended last month. Faculty raised over 3900 kudos for over 2800 students! One of our newer kudos, Overcoming Adversity, is proving to be one of the most popular among faculty. This kudo is used to acknowledge a student's perseverance in the face of adversity, and is still available in Starfish to be raised for students anytime.

Additionally, in an effort to support advising efforts on campus there are now a number of cohort filters available from the My Students page in Starfish. The Not Yet Registered for Next Semester cohort, for example, can help advisors target students who have yet to enroll in spring classes. If you haven't yet seen these cohort filters in Starfish, check them out! See the attached screenshot for a preview.

Thank you for your participation in Starfish retention initiatives. Happy holidays!

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Kulak, John