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Custodial Operations Response to Coronavirus

In response to the Coronavirus, MCC's Custodial Operations team is making a few changes to ensure a clean educational environment is sustained.

We have distributed over 250 Clorox Disinfecting wipe dispensers across our campuses in computer and science labs as well as in event spaces to encourage staff and students to clean their chairs and surfaces prior to use. We have ordered fifty additional hand sanitizing stations and thirty wall mounted wipe stations. Although we were lucky to get our order in early, we are unfortunately waiting on a delivery date due to the high demand.

We have reduced vacuuming to once per week and focused more on cleaning desk top surfaces, door knobs and other touch points across the campus. Extra emphasis is being given to horizontal surfaces in public and general use areas. At the Downtown campus, we are utilizing our Protexus handheld electrostatic sprayer in high traffic common areas. This machine has an electrostatic disinfection spray that is electrically charged, allowing the appropriate sanitizer and disinfectants to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean.

We are ordering additional handheld electrostatic sprayers to allow us to disinfect more square footage faster. Unfortunately, we may not see them for several weeks due to the nationwide demand. We will continue using disinfectants and micro fiber cloths until they arrive.

We appreciate your patience in our general cleaning duties as we do our best to assist MCC in remaining a clean and safe environment. Should you have any concerns please reach out to Laurie Cherry at 292-2593.

Blaine Grindle