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2006-2007 Internal Grants Awards

The selection of applicants to receive funding is a difficult process. The Grants Office received a large number of commendable applications for this competition. We thank all those who applied and recognize the effort they put forth in developing their entries. 

The Grants Office would like to compliment the committee chairs and their members on a job well done.  We wish the project directors best of luck with their ’06-’07 initiatives.

We encourage MCC personnel who wish to help strengthen and build the MCC community to take advantage of this annual competition or seek alternative funding sources anytime throughout the year. The Grants Office stands ready to assist these efforts.

Congratulations to the following individuals who successfully competed for funding for the 2006-2007 Internal Grants competition:

Strategic Planning:
The amount awarded by the Strategic Planning Committee totaled $100,000.

            Barbara Connolly, Academic Services, DCC          
            Preparation of Future Mathematics or Science Teachers in an Urban Setting           

            John Wadach, Engineering Science and Physics
           Baja Car Team Trailer                                                                                    

            Dominick DeMichele, Health Professions
            Radiologic Technology Equipment, Construction                                                       

            Kathleen Farrell, Visual & Performing Arts
            Projection Systems for Art Studios                                                                  

            Donna Pogroszewski, Communications & Network
            Classroom Rebuilding Imaging Software Initiative                                         

            Tracy Archie, Admissions
            Recruitment of Canadian Students                                                                  

            Ann Topping, Student Services Center, DCC
            Modernization of DCC Student Services Center                                                         

Perkins III
The Perkins III allocation for ’06-’07 totaled $1,200,000.

            Scott Sanford, ATC
            Automotive Technology Lab Update                                                               

            Dr. Harry Merryman, Counseling & Advising Center
            Workforce Counseling & Career Development for Adults                                          

            Frederick Burger & Nancy Mallory, Visual & Performing Arts
            TV/Radio Digital Upgrade                                                                              

            Barbara Connolly, Academic Services, DCC
            Enhancement of the Integrated Learning Center, DCC                                              

            Kathy Lawton, Biology
            Biotechnology Program                                                                                              

            Dominick DeMichele, Health Professions
            Radiologic Technology- Equipment                                                                

            Patricia Kennedy, Academic Support Services
            Career & Technical Students Tutorials           
            Drew Lawrence & Diane Cheasty, Hospitality
            Hospitality Laboratory Upgrades                                                                   

            Robert Lasch, ATC
            Developing Conversational Computerized Numerically Controlled (CNC) Skills

            Julie White, Student Services Center, DCC
            Students with Disabilities: Strategies for Success                                                       

MCC Foundation
The amount awarded by the MCC Foundation for ’06-’07 totaled $19,144.

            Susan Bender, Academic Services, DCC
            Extension of MCC Student Talent by ART 205 Service-Learning                                

            Richard Stevens, Biology
            Analysis of Common Air & Water Pollutants                                                  

            Brian Edelbach, Chemistry & Geosciences
            MCC On-line Spectroscopy for Students                                                                    

            Connie Herrera, Enrollment Management
            Does Early Intervention Increase Retention?                                                 

            Eric Johannisson, ETS Library
            Digitization of the MCC Yearbook, the RECALL                                                         

            Valarie Avalone, Planning
            Student Art Display Cases                                                                              

            Guy Rossi, PSTF
            Motor Skills Initiative                                                                                     


Susan Davis