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High Impact Practices Survey Results

Following the results of the High Impact Practices faculty survey conducted this semester with the help of Mary Ann Demario, Ph.D. (Institutional Research), we have a better idea of how many high impact practices courses are taught here at MCC. The Spring 2016 survey report, "High Impact Practices ("HIPs") Faculty Survey Results - Survey 1 and 2 (May 2016)," for each HIP is as follows:

Writing-Intensive courses: 108
Service Learning courses: 61
Learning Communities: 5
Undergraduate Research, Scholarly Inquiry, and Creative Activity: 197
Diversity and Global Learning: 139
Field Experiences: 102 (some SV courses indicated as F.E.)
Collaborative Learning: 260

For further information about this survey, please contact: Alison Albright, High Impact Practices Specialist, <> , 292-3182.  The next High Impact Practices presentation will be on the Damon City Campus, June 1 at noon, room 5057.  Survey results will be discussed in greater detail at this presentation.

Thank you for your continued support of MCC’s High Impact Practices and enjoy the rest of the semester!

Alison Albright
Academic Foundations