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Avalone Facilitates Training for SUNY, PPAA, and NYAPPA

The SUNY, Physical Plant Administrators Association (PPAA), and NYAPPA contracted with the Society for College and University Planners (SCUP) to bring Valarie Avalone, director of planning, to their Winter Conference in Cooperstown, January 31, to offer the SCUP Planning Institute I, Laying the Groundwork for Strategic Planning. Avalone is a long-time member of SCUP, a former member of the SCUP Board of Directors, and a sought after trainer/presenter in the field of planning.

The workshop is designed to teach participants how to establish the foundation of the Integrated Planning Model by providing the tools to help move everyone in the same direction towards the achievement of the institution's vision and mission. Using the SCUP Integrated Planning Model, a strategic planning process tailored for the complexities and challenges of higher education institutions, participants take part in an engaging and interactive daylong workshop.

Simmons, Hezekiah
Administrative Services