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MCC Awarded $200,000 to Implement Concurrent Engineering

Paul Brennan of Precision Machining, George Fazekas of Computer Systems Technology, Matt Fetzner of Engineering Technology, and John Wadach of Engineering Science and Physics, were recently awarded a $200,000 National Science Foundation Grant to develop and implement a new curriculum model based on concurrent engineering principles. In concurrent engineering, interdisciplinary teams work closely together from the initial concepts until the final delivery of the product.

This three-year project will result in students from machining, technology, and engineering taking some of the same entry level courses so that they can learn to work effectively with their peers from other majors. The entry level courses will use web based learning modules and highly motivating design-build projects. A final capstone interdisciplinary design course will be developed  in which multidisciplinary teams of students will design and build working prototypes to solve a problem from industry partners or intercollegiate design competitions.

John Wadach
Engineering Science and Physics