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Identification & Reporting of Child Abuse & Maltreatment Workshop is a Success

A NYS Education workshop on Identification & Reporting of Child Abuse and
Maltreatment, was presented by Cheryl Steron, Monroe County Department of
Social Services, in MCC's Theatre on Oct. 8, 2 - 4PM. Approximately 110 MCC
students received certification by attending this workshop, which was sponsored
and organized by Academic Support Services, Patricia Kennedy, Director;
Workforce Development, John Striebich; Health & Physical Education Instructor,
Sharon Dwyer; Health Professions Instructor, Sharon Insero.
MCC Teacher Prep students enrolled in a Health Education course, "Issues in
Child Health & Development", as well as their instructors, S. Ames, S. Dwyer,
S. Insero and M. Silas, received an excellent review of NYS CPS System of Child
Abuse Identification & Reporting for continuing education units and

Sharon Dwyer
Health & Physical Education