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New book display on Damon Campus

If you are a sports fan, you might look at the book display in the atrium on the 4th floor, next to the Damon City Campus Library door. The display is related to the Summer Olympics and contains books on sports, a very interesting panoramic photograph of the Olympic City from Sports Illustrated, and two ORIGINAL commemorative ornaments from Beijing 2008!

BY THE WAY, the reason why this Summer Olympics started on 8/08/2008 is in the Chinese folklore. The number EIGHT is the luckiest of all numbers. It is a symbol of fortune, joy and luck. “The life of a man is ruled by the number 8. At eight months he gets milk teeth, at 8 years he loses them. At 2 x 8 years of age he becomes a man, at 8 x 8 years of age he becomes incapable of procreation.” (Eberhard, 2001, p. 92)

What do we get if we add all the numbers of this day?

8 + 8 + 2 + 8 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8

The answer is EIGHT (of course!)

Work cited from MCC Libraries collection:

Eberhard, W.  Eight.  (2001).  A Dictionary of Chinese symbols. (pp. 91-93).  London: Routledge. 

Stephanie Hranjec
MCC Libraries