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Thieves Don’t Take Summers Off

While many of us take vacations during the summer months, thieves don’t. This is a reminder that during the summer months it is still important to maintain good security practices and habits to reduce theft. This is especially important since the number of extra eyes and ears are reduced significantly during the summer months. A few things to think about while at work:

-          Keep valuable items locked in a drawer or filing cabinet,
-          Keep your office locked when not occupied,
-          Ask people who are unfamiliar to you if you can help them,
-          If someone or something appears suspicious at Damon City Campus, contact Genesee Management at x1414; at Brighton and Applied Technologies Center, contact MCC Public Safety at x2911; at the Public Safety Training Center, dial x9911
-          Report all incidents of theft or vandalism to Genesee Management or MCC Public Safety
-          Become familiar with the location of emergency phones and how they work.

Enjoy your summer.

A Crime Prevention Message from YOUR MCC Public Safety Department    

Lee Struble
Director, Public Safety