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Disney Internship – Spring 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the Spring 2017, Disney College Program.

If you know of any students that may be interested in the Disney College Program, the following steps should be followed.  Below are the instructions on how to apply.

* Visit the Disney website at; then click Apply Now, and complete the application.

* If the application is accepted, you will receive an email with a link asking you to take the Web-Based Interview. Please note, all applications are reviewed for candidates with a profile and experience that Disney believes will make them most successful in the Disney College Program.

*  If you are successful in the Web-Based Interview, you will receive an email with an attached link asking you to register for a phone interview. This process allows applicants to have the freedom to select the most optimal time in their schedule to participate in a phone interview.

* The phone interview is the last stage of the interview process.  Be sure to select a time that you will be in a quiet location and able to fully focus on your interview.

*  Periodically view your dashboard for updates concerning your application status.  Please understand some applicants will be able to view Offers or Dispositions immediately, while others may take a couple of days or weeks.  All student applicants will have a form of communication on their dashboard.

Also for student’s information there are Management Internships and Professional Internships available to students who have already successfully completed the Disney College Program.

Please contact Career Services if you have questions.

Thank you.

Michelle Mayo
Career Services