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Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review until January 31, 2017

The following curriculum proposals were approved by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review until January 31, 2017.

Course Revisions:

2016-CR64-Spring      FPT 113          Firefighter II
2016-CO173-Spring   FPT 113          Firefighter II
2016-CR66-Spring      FPT 211          Fire Investigation:  Cause and Origin
2016-CR63-Spring      PLE 140          Criminal Investigation
2016-CR65-Spring      PLE 222          Firearms Instructor Course

Course Deactivations:

2016-CD60-Spring     PHL 106          Topics in Philosophy
2016-CD62-Spring     ATP 151          Introduction to Automotive Technology Theory
2016-CD63-Spring     ATP 153          Electrical 2 - Automotive Theory
2016-CD64-Spring     ATP 154          Emission Controls, Computer and Fuel Systems I Theory
2016-CD69-Spring     ATP 155          Brakes - Automotive Theory
2016-CD65-Spring     ATP 156          Steering and Suspension - Automotive Theory
2016-CD66-Spring     ATP 157          Automatic Transmission and Transaxle - Automotive Theory
2016-CD67-Spring     ATP 158          Engine Repair - Automotive Theory
2016-CD61-Spring     ATP 159          Heating and Air Conditioning - Automotive Theory
2016-CD68-Spring     ATP 162          Engine Performance - Automotive Theory

All currently posted curriculum proposals may be viewed here:


Michael Heel
Curriculum & Program Development