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FA Scholarship Recipients Announced!

Please join the FA “Follow Your Dream” Scholarship Committee in congratulating this year’s scholarship recipients (left to right in photo):  Denise Fernandez, Meghan Tuma, Sherna St. Clair, and Susan Merkel.  A fifth student, Shailynn Havener, received a scholarship as well but was not present for the photo.

Thank you all for your continued support of a scholarship that focuses on students who have obligations, challenges, and “life” outside of the classroom but still manage to succeed within the classroom!

- FA Scholarship Committee (Jessica Barone/Geosciences, Pam Lazio/Career Center, Sonja Lenhard/FA, Mazie Mizelle/Biology, Heather Pierce/Geosciences, Krista Rodriguez/Dental Studies, Karen Wells/Math)

Jessica Barone
Chemistry and Geosciences

icon FA Scholarship Winners 2016.jpg