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Today: Assistant Professor Steve Farrington to Present at Filling Station

Today, Friday, October 18, 12-12:50 p.m., Assistant Professor Steven Farrington (World Languages and Cultures) will give a Filling Station Presentation in 8-200. This presentation will focus on Luis Cernuda, one of the most prominent members of the world-famous "Generation of '27" writers to have emerged from Spain circa 1923-1927. Farrington will address ways in which Cernuda's status as a cultural outsider is reflected in his poetry. According to Farrington: "Sometimes this took the form of feeling like an outsider looking in on his family; sometimes, he felt like an outsider as a gay atheist in heavily conservative and Catholic Spain; in still other moments, his poetry reflects the sadness of being an exile in both Britain and later in the US following the Spanish Civil War." The event is free and open to the entire College community.

Leuzzi, Anthony