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MCC First: Students Compete in "Olympics of Robotics"

For the first time, MCC competed in the annual Robogames competition ( that was held in San Mateo, California, April 19-21.  This competition, which has been described as the "Olympics of Robotics", is open to the general public, not just colleges.  Their events include the now popular "Battle Bots", and others such as the humanoid robot sprint, "Kung Fu" fighting, maze navigation, humanoid soccer, and sumo wrestling.

MCC students entered two robotic events: Natcar, and Robo Magellan.  In Natcar, contestants had to design a robot that would follow a lined path laid down on a track about the size of two sheets of plywood.  For Robo Magellan, an robot had to navigate to three GPS coordinates in a park like area, while avoiding obstacles.  In both events the vehicle had to operate autonomously; relying on internal guidance programming without any human interaction or correction.

MCC came in 6th place out of 16 contestants in Robo Magellan, and 4th out of 12 in Natcar.

The team picture was taken in front of the host facility, the San Mateo Events Center.  The smaller orange vehicle competed in the Natcar event, while the larger silver metal robot competed in the Robo Magellan competition.

Bert Gamory
Engineering Science & Physics

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