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Stephanie Hranjec's "Library Story" cited in NY Library Association Website

In September 2009, Kathleen M. Miller, NYLA President and Executive Director of Rochester Regional Library Council, sent out an invitation to librarians statewide. She asked them to send in their stories about how libraries and/or library employees have helped people succeed. The theme was: “The Library: Your Story Starts Here.”

Stephanie Hranjec, Reference Librarian at the Damon City Campus, knew that she had the right story for the theme.  She wrote about the life adventure of a student at MCC who struggled in a refugee camp in Thailand for 13 years before making it to America. This student’s moving life story was chosen as one of three statewide to be cited on the NY Library Association Website.  The student also now serves as one of the MCC Library’s student assistants. Reading the article one can see that the writer was truly touched by the student’s life story.

For those who would like to read the story, they can locate it at the following link:


Ted Ciambor
Director, MCC Libraries