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Educational Technology Services invites MCC Faculty, Staff and Administration to the following Brown Bag Lunch Sessions in November. Please mark your calendars and join us!

Sessions take place during COLLEGE HOUR (Noon-1 p.m.) in ROOM 11-109 unless otherwise noted.
These sessions discuss a variety of technology topics. No registration is required – just show up!

SkillSoft eLearning

Starting Today…Learn Something for Nothing! Improve your computer and professional development skills. Help your students meet course requirements. Communicate more effectively. Be a leader. Prepare for your future. Attend this SkillSoft eLearning Brown Bag and get you and your students on the track to success! Visit to learn more! Facilitated by Mary Hallett, ETS Instructional Technologies.


Come learn how this exciting new tool may help enhance your teaching style. SmartBoards can assist in the visualization of concepts. You can annotate over existing content and save your lecture writings to a webpage for your students to review. This Brown Bag session will demonstrate how a SmartBoard is used. Facilitated by Paul Tracy, ETS Instructional Technologies. NOTE: This session takes place in Room 8-200.

SUNY CourseSpace

Are you interested in teaching a Hybrid course but lack experience teaching in an online environment? Well, wait no more! Attend this CourseSpace Brown Bag session and see the technologies available to you for teaching web-enhanced and hybrid courses. This session is your starting point for enhancing your face-to-face courses and providing flexible learning environments for your students. Facilitated by Mary Hallett and Randy Rezabek, ETS Instructional Technologies.

What is SpyWare or AdWare?

Some of the common problems caused by SpyWare/AdWare are 1.) Slow connections. Legitimate internet applications need to share the connection with them. 2.) System crashes a lot. These advertising SpyWare applications are highly unstable. 3.) Advertising pop-ups from nowhere. A lot of these applications randomly launch the browser to various advertisements. That's why they are called AdWare 4.) Spam from places that you have not been. SpyWare may be the cause. 5.) Your firewall program keeps telling you that many programs are attempting to connect to the internet. SpyWare is probably doing this. This Brown Bag Session will demonstrate the ways to check and remove some of these problems from your PC. Facilitated by Tracy Flansburg and Dan Noblett, ETS Communications & Network Services.

Instructional Design II – Online Discussions

If you have ever taught online you already know that the online discussion feature is one of the most powerful tools of the course management system. Learn to make maximum use of this tool by attending this session and learn about the use of rubrics and the response rating feature to make the online discussion an integral part of your course. Facilitated by Randy Rezabek, ETS Instructional Technologies.

SCT Banner: What is it all about at MCC!
What is Banner? Come to this session to learn about MCC’s future and the new database system called SCT Banner. Participants in this session will hear about this three-year effort to move MCC’s data from a “Mainframe” environment to a database structure that allows for online real time access through the web. Come find out what it is, what it does, and how MCC’s data collection and analysis will be improved. For a sneak peak at efforts to date, see: . Facilitated by Jeff Bartkovich and Marie Fetzner, Educational Technology Services.


Are you currently accessing the mainframe from home using a modem or a high speed service (Road Runner, or Frontier DSL)? If you answered “yes” you will want to attend this session. Over the next few months, MCC will be moving all college network services to a secure network. You will need to install the MCC@Home software in order to gain access to the mainframe from your home PC or laptop. This session is designed specifically for modem users who need mainframe access from home. If you are using a dial up service we will have some CD’s with the software on it to avoid a lengthy download, especially for Windows 98, ME users. This session will cover how this new software works and how to use it to connect to SIS, FRS, CICS and Focus. Come hear our tips and suggestions to ensuring a smooth software installation and answers to all your questions. Minimum PC Requirements: Win98/ME/2000/XP with a modem connection and basic internet service provider (e.g. Frontier, Blue Frog, EZnet, EarthLink, etc.). Check out the MCC@Home page at HYPERLINK "" Facilitated by Dan Noblett, ETS Communications & Network Services.

Ellen Gozik
ETS Instructional Technologies