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Starfish Announcement: The Kudos Survey Opens Next Week!

The final Starfish survey of the semester, The Kudos Survey, is scheduled to open on April 22. Unlike previous surveys this semester, The Kudos Survey will have only kudos available - no flags or outreach requested items - and the survey will be for all students, including online classes. Faculty participation in The Kudos Survey is OPTIONAL.

Below are the kudos options available in The Kudos Survey. Any comments provided by the instructor will be seen by the student. Remember: as faculty your genuine words of commendation, appreciation and recognition can go a long way toward encouraging a student to succeed in your class and at MCC. Please feel encouraged to complete the survey to help motivate your students as they prepare for the final weeks of the semester.

  • Showing Improvement! Raise this kudo to commend a student whose hard work is improving their performance in your class.
  • You Rock! Raise this kudo to acknowledge a student's outstanding performance in your class.
  • Great Participation! Raise this kudo to acknowledge a student's positive contributions in class discussions.
  • Overcoming Adversity. Raise this kudo to acknowledge a student's perseverance in the face of adversity. (Comments Required)
  • Recommendation! Raise this kudo to encourage a student to pursue leadership or merit-based opportunities such as honors, scholarships, research, becoming a tutor, enrollment in the next level of a course sequence, etc. (Comments Required)
  • Thank You. Raise this kudo for a student whose performance or behavior has helped in achieving your desired outcomes for the class. (Comments Required)

The Kudos Survey will be available in Starfish from April 22 through May 5, and as with previous surveys it will be delivered to faculty via email. Although they are excluded from this survey, flags and outreach requested items will remain available in Starfish to be raised manually at any time.

Thank you for your participation! I hope the Kudos Survey is a rewarding experience for you and your students.

Kulak, John
Academic Foundations