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Volunteer Month Spotlight: East House, You'll Find Hope at Our East House

40 Years of Caring

East House is a private non-profit mental health agency that has grown from a single house serving 18 people in 1966 into a comprehensive rehabilitation agency with a broad range of residential, vocational and support services. Alcoholism, substance abuse, and major mental illnesses are serious conditions that affect thousands of local residents.  The mission of East House is: to improve the quality of life of individuals we serve who are recovering from mental illness, chemical dependency or other disabling conditions. 

Today, 1,300 clients and their families are served each year.

For the past 7 years, it has been my privilege to serve on the program review committee. I presently chair the committee and serve as a Board member. I know first hand through the ongoing review of programs and services, visits to houses and conversations with clients that East House in partnership with counselors, therapists and family members believes individuals can lead healthier, more satisfying and productive lives with a renewed sense of hope, belonging and care.  In many ways my experience as a volunteer at East House reminds me of MCC: dedicated employees, committed to excellence, broad support services, vital partnerships, successful outcomes. Every year several East House clients enroll and graduate from MCC and others move directly to employment.  Please contact me to learn more about the agency or to volunteer to support programs or services provided by East House.  

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development