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Power Outage Reminder

The power supply will be turned off to the Brighton campus at 6:30 am this Friday, July 3. Work will be performed on the power supply system to ensure reliable service to the campus is sustained. This outage is expected to last 8-10 hours if everything goes according to plan.

Emergency power in the usual locations will be active for areas needing to maintain operations.

It is suggested that you turn off all electronics prior to Friday morning. Your computer can be turned off remotely by choosing the 'Shut down' command from the Start menu, Power option. When the work has been completed, Public Safety can power-up office PCs to make them available for those working or teaching from home. Please contact Public Safety Dispatch at 292-2912 and leave your name, room number, and computer decal, and a staff member will be sent to turn on the computer.

Blaine Grindle