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MCC Debate Society at Scholars' Day tomorrow

Research presentations at Scholars' Day take on a variety of forms. For a full schedule of events and presentations, click here. One unique addition to this year's events is a Parliamentary Debate presented by the MCC Debate Society. Please join us on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 at Scholar's Day to view the Debate and many more amazing posters and presentations. Below is a more detailed description of the Parliamentary Debate.

MCC Debate Society: Parliamentary Debate (Team 1)

William Kusmierek. Eric Jones, and Sarah Shaffer

Sponsor: Professor Thomas Blake (English/Philosophy)

MCC Debate Society: Parliamentary Debate (Team 2)

Jeannine Amico, Jason Houston, Ashley Garcia, and Cheyenne Nelson

Sponsor: Professor Jay Keith (English)

Members of the MCC Debate Society will be conducting a Parliamentary Debate. Our event consists of a three-on-three debate between the affirmative team, known as "the Government," and the negative team, referred to as "the Opposition." These names are borrowed from the British Parliament, with the judge being referred to as the Speaker. The round consists of six speeches, as follows: 1. Prime Minister (PM): presents opening argument of the affirmative case; 2. Leader of the Opposition Constructive (LOC): presents the negative case and answers the PMC arguments; 3. Member of the Government Constructive (MGC): upholds the affirmative case by pulling across information that was not addressed in the LOC and responds to the LOC arguments; 4. Member of the Opposition Constructive (MOC): upholds the negative case by pulling across information that was not addressed in the MGC and responds to the MGC arguments; 5. Leader of the Opposition Rebuttal (LOR): provides an overview of why the negative team should win and explicitly analyzes certain arguments made by the affirmative team throughout the debate; 6. Prime Minister Rebuttal (PMR): summarizes the round, responds to any new arguments, and provides reasons for why the judge should vote affirmative.

Attached Files:
2019 Scholars Day Poster - Rev. 4.23.2019.pdf

Hill, Jennifer
Scholars' Day Committee