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Marketing Campaign Update:  Watch the Olympics to see MCC Stars!

While the marketing campaign for fall 16 has been well underway over the past year, some more tactics will now kick off:

Television Advertising – Our television advertising includes the Olympics!  Watch for our spots and our MCC alumni stars during the Olympics on WHEC-TV.  MCC commercials will also run on cable channels including AMC, Discovery, ESPN2, Freeform (formerly ABC Family), MTV, SPIKE, and SyFy.  TV spots will run from 8/1 through 8/21.

Radio Advertising – Our radio commercials will run from 8/1-8/23 on WDKX, WPXY, WBEE, WBZA, WCMF and WROC.

Outdoor (Billboard) Advertising – MCC will have two billboards.  One digital billboard is on I-490E reaching commuters heading into Rochester from the western suburbs; it is scheduled to launch today.  The second standard billboard is located on I-390 and reaches northbound commuters heading towards the I-490 convergence; it is scheduled to be up later this week.

These tactics add to our marketing mix that includes digital advertising on the internet and social media, direct mail, email blasts, and movie theatre advertising.  Three more direct mail drops are planned for the next week, bringing our total households reached to over 250,000.

MCC will also host a radio remote on 8/3 with WPXY.  Radio talent from WPXY will team up with Admissions and broadcast live from our campus, encouraging prospective students to come down and apply.

Remember, word of mouth is our best tactic and it is free!  Encourage your family and friends to check out all that MCC has to offer.

Debra Davis
Marketing and Community Relations