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College-wide Survey Protocol - Reminder

College-wide Survey Protocol 

The Institutional Research (IR) Office, with the approval of the President’s staff, has created a College- wide survey protocol. 

The purpose is: 

1. To ensure that the same individuals aren’t being surveyed multiple times during the same term, which could result in “survey fatigue” and, therefore, less meaningful survey data 

2. To keep IR “in the loop” about surveys being conducted at the College 

3. To ensure that the data collected is valid, reliable, and used to inform decision-making 

4. To categorize, study, and archive survey projects and results, in part, to provide relevant information to individuals who may be considering and designing future surveys 

5. To eliminate the collection of duplicate data 

I would like to encourage everyone to read the entire protocol located on the Research website (left panel, link titled “Survey Protocol”), or you may use the link below:

There is also a form, attached, that serves as a guide if you need to create a survey. 

The following link will list the current surveys that are being done, along with other resources. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you, 

Angel Andreu

icon Survey Proposal Form.pdf