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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are posted for faculty review for the period of March 27 to April 10. The proposals may be viewed by clicking on:

NC5S CHI 103 Intermediate Chinese I
NC6S JPN 103 Intermediate Japanese I
NC7S FSA 110 Principles of Baking-Bread Products and Cookie Doughs
NC8S FSA 111 Principles of Baking-Pastries and Confections Products
CD3S NUR 100 Nursing Orientation Seminar
CR 17S BUS 250 International Management and Marketing
CR18S GEO 105  Astronomy
CR14S EDU 200 Foundations in Education
CR20S SOC 209 Environmental Sociology
PD2S Radiologic Technology – Alternative for Radiographers, AAS

Faculty Senate Resolutions– 31
2.1.1 (4) The Curriculum Committee will review the proposals. Upon review, proposals will be posted electronically for faculty review for ten (10) working days. Comments may be submitted by clicking on “Respond to the Document” while in “Posted for Faculty Review.” Comments will be sent electronically to the Committee Chairperson. After the posting period is complete, the Curriculum Committee will review comments and vote on the proposals.

Silvana Sifkarovski
Curriculum & Program Development