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Professional Development Opportunities for October!

As part of the Brown Bag Lunch Session series, the ETS Customer Service Team will be offering informational tours in October. If you are curious about what your coworkers do on campus or what services they offer, join us to find out more about our ETS service areas. MCC faculty, staff and administration are all welcome! The tours will be approximately 30-40 minutes.


MONDAY OCTOBER 2, 2006 @ 12:00 in ROOM 1-103

PC and Network Services Offices, Data Closet, SDF

·        Network Support is responsible for the design, development, installation and maintenance of the College’s personal computers, local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and all related network infrastructure. This infrastructure supports computerized classrooms, labs, learning centers, and office equipment for all MCC locations.

·        PC Technical Support is responsible for configuration, installation and maintenance of the College’s personal computers. We support 3,000+ PCs, 65+ computer classrooms /labs/learning centers, 90+ Smart classrooms; 220+ networked printers and office PCs at all four sites (Brighton, DCC, ATC and PSTF).

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MONDAY OCTOBER 2, 2006 @ 12:00 in ROOM 11-106

Learning Resources

Learning Resources provides coordination, technical support and maintenance for a variety of learning resources and environments at Brighton and DCC including the Electronic Learning Centers, smart classrooms, and general classroom audiovisual needs.

Electronic Learning Centers (ELC) All MCC students (full or part-time) with a valid MCC photo ID card or MCC Alumni with a valid MCC Alumni Association card may use the ELC.

Smart Classrooms variety of technology enhanced classrooms to meet faculty needs including lab style (with a computer for each student) and lecture style (with a computer and LCD projector for the instructor). We provide support and training in the use of these rooms as well as ad hoc scheduling of computer classrooms (lab style).

A/V Resources provide audiovisual equipment delivery to classrooms, workshops, seminars, and meetings.

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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2006 @ 12:00 in ROOM 3-168

Print Shop / Word Processing

·        Publications custom design services to meet your needs.

·        Offset Press two offset presses with two color printing heads that allow for simultaneous printing of two colors at once. Additional presses are available for envelopes, panel cards and carbonless form reproduction.

·        DocuTech state-of-the-art digital document handling system capable of duplicating 135 copies per minute.

·        Bindering/Finishing

·        Word Processing supports classroom, academic and administrative word processing needs for faculty and staff.

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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2006 @ 12:00 in ROOM 1-103

Mailroom and Telecom Services

Telecommunications supports and maintains the three PBX’s and voice messaging servers at the Brighton and Damon City campuses and the Applied Technology Center; annually processes approximately 1 million outgoing calls and approximately 1.3 million incoming calls and provides service for 1,760 telephones, 1,545 user voice mailboxes, 50 fax lines, 325 integrated call processing mailboxes and 50 pay phones.

Mail Services processes and distributes mail for the Brighton Campus, Damon City Campus, Applied Technologies Center and Public Safety Training Facility. The MCC Mail Center processes and distributes incoming mail at an annual rate of: 620,000 mail pieces from the U.S. Postal Service, 4,100 packages and 80,000 interoffice mail pieces. 

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2006 @ 12:00 in ROOM 2-200

Leroy V. Good Library

This Library contains more than 90,000 books and other forms of library materials, more than 500 magazine and journal subscriptions and a growing collection of music CD’s, cassettes, records, videos and DVDs. The collection is centered on courses taught at MCC and is supplemented with materials and videos of general interest.

·        Areas:  Circulation/Reserve Desk, Information Desk, Interlibrary Loan/Reference, Serials, Book Stacks and Study Rooms.

·        Special Collections/Services:   Holocaust and Human Rights Center / Teaching Creativity Center / SUNY Resource Center information / Library Instruction Room /Study Rooms / Laptops for students.

·        College Archives:  The Archives include administrative records, Board of Trustee minutes, reports, correspondence and records of committees, student publications, handbooks, independent studies, memorabilia, and photographs of college related events.

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2006 @ 12:00 in ROOM 6-100


Computing provides MCC with the latest technology and information resources available including administrative computing systems. Services to MCC are broadly grouped into three areas: Database Administration/Operations, Programming Services, and Web Development

Database Administration/Operations: · Online access and security for administrative and student information systems (i.e. Banner, FOCUS), reports generation and distribution· grade reports, student attendance, testing data, faculty exams, college wide assessment and electronic test scoring.

Programming Services· Customize and develop computer applications· Create, modify, and update applications· Ad hoc reports.

Web Site Development· Monitor and manage the Web Site servers· Oversee the Web page publication procedure· Coordinate the development of Web based application systems or pages.

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2006 @ 12:00 in ROOM 3-150

ETS Instructional Technologies

Instructional Development provides assistance to faculty with all aspects of course development for online, hybrid and face to face classes. This starts with an instructional design consultation to determine the needs of the individual, followed by a production team to assist faculty throughout development. The Faculty Innovation Centers, located in room 3150 at Brighton and 4088 at DCC, provide a variety of technology resources (computers, scanners, color printers, etc.).

·        Areas:  Media Resources, Production and Video Services, Graphic Services, Imaging, Distance Learning, Instructional Design, Faculty Innovation Center, Help Desk/Call Center

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 200 @12:00 in ROOM 1-313

Vice President Offices

The Vice President for Educational Technology Services is a cabinet level college officer responsible for the administration and leadership of all technology and library services for Monroe Community College. This oversight includes fiscal responsibility and setting the vision, mission and strategies for moving the college forward in a competitive technology rich higher education environment.

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Ellen Z. Gozik
ETS Instructional Technologies