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The International Film Series Starts on November 9 - Mark Your Calendars

The ESOL and Foreign Languages Department and the Global Union International Students Association invite students, staff and members of the Rochester community to attend the screening of six foreign language films, as follows:

Monday, November 9
“Caribe” Drama, Costa Rica, 2006. 90 minutes. Unrated. In Spanish with English subtitles.  This film will be introduced by Professor Lenore D’Arpino.
Stately Abigail enjoys an idyllic sensual life with her husband Vicente on their small banana plantation in Costa Rica when Irene, a beautiful young half-sister she never knew existed, shows up one day and the couple takes her in. Meanwhile, globalism, in the form of a huge international oil conglomerate, shows up in the idyllic region and drastically changes everyone’s life. In the fall of 2005, this film became the first-ever Costa Rican film to be submitted to the Academy Awards.

“Facing Windows" (La finestra di fronte)  Drama/Romance. Italy, 2004. 107 minutes. Rated R. In Italian with English subtitles. This fill will be introduced by Professor Louis Silvers.
Feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a dull marriage, Giovanna begins refocusing her attention (or repressing her emotions) by caring for the Jewish Holocaust survivor her husband brings home one day. The old man, obsessed with the memories of a tragedy that happened in 1943, has lost his memory and finds refuge in Giovanna. As Giovanna reflects on her life, she turns to the man who lives across from her and whose window faces hers.

Tuesday, November 10
“Monsieur Ibrahim” Drama, France, 2003. 95 minutes. Rated R. In French with English subtitles.  This film will be introduced by Professor Steve Farrington.
During the early 1960s, Paris was an explosion of life. As the old gave way to the new, everything was in flux and the city was filled with an energy that promised cultural shifts and social change. Against this backgound, in a working class neighborhood, two unlikely characters, a young Jew and an elderly Muslim, begin a friendship. Moïse, also known as Momo, is an orphan that befriends prostitutes who treat him with genuine affection. Momo buys his groceries at the neighborhood shop owned and run by Ibrahim, a silent exotic looking man who sees and knows more than he lets on. After Momo is abandoned by his father, Ibrahim becomes the one grownup in Momo's life. Together they begin a journey that will change their lives forever.
“The King of Masks” (Bian Lian) Drama, China, 1996. 91 minutes. Unrated. In Mandarin with English subtitles.  This film will be introduced by Professor Jasmine Tang.
Wang Bianlian is an aging street performer known as the King of Masks for his mastery of the Sichuan Change Art. His wife left him with an infant son over 30 years ago. The son died from illness at age 10. This left Wang a melancholy loner aching for a male descendent to learn his rare and dying art. A famous master performer of the Sichuan Opera offers to bring him into his act, thus giving Wang fame and possible fortune, but Wang opts for staying the simple street performer. Then, one night after a performance, he is sold a young boy by a slave trader posing as the boy's parent. "Grandpa" finds new joy in life as he plans to teach "Doggie" (an affectionate term often used for young children in China) his art. All is well until the truth about Doggie is revealed.

Wednesday, November 11
“Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi” (Ha-Kochavim Shel Shlom) Drama, Israel, 2003. 94 minutes. Unrated. In Hebrew with English subtitles.  This film will be introduced by Professor Sharon Shafrir.
Sixteen year old Shlomi lives with his restless mother, his soldier brother and their ill grandfather. Although not doing well in school, Shlomi is a gifted cook and takes care of most household chores. One day, the school principal realizes that Shlomi has a special ability, and offers him a rare opportunity. However, Shlomi has his family to take care of, and has found a new love interest: the beautiful girl next door.

“Discovering: Shuktara”  Documentary, United States, 2009. 39 minutes. Unrated. In ASL with English subtitles. This film will be introduced by the producers Christy Smith, Davin Searls and Dave Justice.
This is a film produced by Discovering Deaf Worlds, a Rochester-based organization dedicated to empowering and advocating for Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities around the world. Their belief is that everyone deserves accessibility to language, education and community. “Discovering: Shuktara”, DDW’s first documentary film, is the remarkable story of 18 boys and girls in Kolkata, India who were given a new chance at life after being abandoned by their families or escaping abusive homes. While many non-governmental organizations in India often overlook homeless children who are deaf or have cerebral palsy, Shuktara embraces them. Shuktara is a home filled with love that seeps into your heart. Instead of being reckless, aggressive and angry, these kids show affection, gratitude, and support for each other. They have created a family of their own.

All films will be screened at the Warshof Conference Center, Flynn Campus Center (Monroe A and B) in the Brighton Campus. The films will be introduced to the audience at 6:30 p.m. Two films will be shown concurrently on each of the specified dates. All films have English subtitles. The event is free and open to the public.

Louis Silvers
ESOL and Foreign Languages