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Fall Grades Are Due by Noon on December 26

All I want for Christmas..., well maybe not all, but it sure will bring me glad tidings of joy if all grades are posted by the deadline of noon on Tuesday, December 26. In addition, students really do want to know if they got candy or coal in their grade stocking.

Four Important reminders:

  1. Enter grades using the Internet Explorer browser
  2. F grades must have a last date of attendance (MM/DD/YYYY) or they will not be saved.
  3. You CANNOT enter a grade of "W".
  4. Be sure to save your grades. Save them, review for accuracy and save again!

In looking forward to the New Year, the first thing on my calendar for January 2 is to run my missing grades report. Please do not be on the naughty list because if you are I will be bombarding you with emails and possibly your chair and dean until those grades are in. Sad, but true - that is my job.

In the spirit of student success, students have earned the gift of a grade in your class. Without one, they may not have met the pre-requisite for an Intersession course, graduate as planned, transfer to another institution or meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) possibly preventing them from being eligible for financial aid. Intersession, graduation certification, mailing end of semester transcripts and SAP will all occur during the first week of January.

Although the College will be closed and we will not have physical access to our offices, both Betsy and I will be monitoring our email. If you run into a problem entering your grades or there are extenuating circumstances - please let us know!

In the meantime, get through those finals and papers, submit your grades and take some time to rest and relax over the break. Have a happy holiday!

Taine Vinci
Registration and Records