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News on the MCC Baja Team

“The engineer learns more in failure than in success”

Buoyed by our strong finish in the South Carolina race, Tribune Racing (the MCC Baja team) was pumped up for the summer race in Rochester. It was hosted by RIT with the dynamic events held at Hogback Hill Motocross track in Palmyra. In addition to the normal challenges of a Baja race track, cars in this race had to not only float, but maneuver in water. Our car performed well in the first day’s events, including water maneuverability, but suffered multiple mechanical failures and was only credited with one lap of Sunday’s four hour endurance race.  We finished 58th out of 88 registrants.

Though not happy with the less than optimal showing in front of the home crowd, the team worked on the old car and has started designing the next vehicle.  We also participated in the 3rd Annual Midnight Mayhem race hosted by the SAE chapter at the University of Louisville. It’s one of the many non-sanctioned events hosted by colleges across the country. It took place Saturday, September 25th at the Podium1 Motocross Track in Charlestown, Indiana (just north of UofL’s campus).  It’s a single 4 hour endurance that runs from 8pm to midnight. Again, the car was running well until multiple chain failures caused us to go in and out of the race. The team finished 18th out of 34 entries, and was 1 of only 10 cars still functional at the end of the race.

The MCC Baja team would like to thank the campus community, and the greater Rochester region for their support.  Wish us luck as we continue on the design of the 2011 Baja car!

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Bertram Gamory
Engineering Science & Physics