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Technology for New Students

Campus Directions - Touchscreens are available on the Brighton Campus for fast virtual directions to key locations on campus.  There are five (5) Brighton Campus Directions touchscreen kiosks located in:

- Lobby of Building 3 (Campus Center by the Forum)
- Lobby of Building 5
- Lobby of Building 8
- Lobby of Building 9 (Wolk Center)
- Lobby of Building 10 (Athletic Center Lobby by the Pool)

PCs - Students can use over 2,000 PCs across campuses in classrooms, Learning Centers, and workstations to access class information, print schedules, transcripts, etc.  For the first two weeks of the Fall semester, there are 8 PCs in front of the Brighton Campus Library available for students to use and print schedules and transcripts free of charge. 

Print Stations – For the first two weeks of the Fall semester, students can use MCC Print-on-the-Go Stations located throughout the Brighton and Damon campuses to activate their network accounts and print schedules for free. 

Cell Phone Access to MCC – Use your cell phone to access specific functions such as:   Campus Maps,   Campus Events, Class Cancellations, Class Schedules, etc.  Scan the QR code found all over campus or log-on now at:"                     

MCC Student Technology Help Desk and Frequently Asked Questions  - The Help Desk provides a single point of contact to assist students with connecting to and utilizing MCC technologies. The Help Desk staff will provide technical support and instruction in many of the technology programs used throughout the campus and will attempt to resolve our technology issues in a timely manner. More information can be found at the
MCC Student Technology Help Desk. Answers to frequently asked questions are also available online.

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