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New MCC “Infomercial” runs on late night TV

Have you ever flipped through the channels and been mesmerized by a pitchman (or woman) on an infomercial?  Compelling stories are one of the reasons we get hooked, and there’s no better story to tell than how MCC can help adults in our community change their lives.

A long-form commercial (infomercial) about MCC was just completed by the Marketing Communications and Instructional Technologies departments with the goal of convincing adult students that they could go back to college—and that MCC was the right place.  It runs in the early hours of morning, when many people are up late, worrying about their futures.  It gives us 30 minutes to tell our story, with real students, real faculty, and even a real pitchman.  The infomercial is scheduled on network and cable stations also on Channel 4.

The production followed the infomercial format:  moving back and forth between testimonials, interviews, campus scenes and general information, and provided the phone number and website on screen.  As in all infomercials, you can tune in at any time and still get the full message.

In addition to scores of adult students and alumni featured in the infomercial, the following MCC “cast” members devoted their time and energies (in order of appearance):

On Screen Appearances:
Clayton Jones, Admissions
Mary Méndez Rizzo, Admissions
Anne Hughes, Career Center
Eileen Lanzafame, Transitional Studies, Damon City Campus
Tom Proietti, Visual & Performing Arts
Ann Tippett, English
Michelle M. Bartell, Hospitality
Gerald Brinkman, Hospitality
Kevin Foley, Construction Technology/Engineering Technologies
Ilene Benz, Visual and Performing Arts

Production Team:
Jeremy Case, Instructional Technologies (videography, editing, graphics)
Rob Jason Fain, formerly of Marketing Communications (writing, directing, host)
Connie Herrera, Marketing Communications (creator/producer)

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Connie Herrera
Enrollment Management