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The Sixth Act and Drama/Theatre Library Resources for MCC Faculty, Students, and Staff

The Sixth Act is developing a series of library resources for use across MCC. Representatives from ENG/PHL, VaPA, and LIB have worked together to put these resources together, hoping they might be helpful to anyone teaching/studying any aspect of dramatic literature/performance.

A. The Sixth Act has several items on reserve at the Leroy V. Good Library. Each academic year, The Sixth Act will select items relevant to that year’s VaPA, Creative Arts, and ENG/PHL curriuculum/programming. This is what we have on reserve right now:

*   Sixth Act Night at RENT: Curriculum Packet

*   Tennessee Williams—An Academic Workshop: Curriculum Packet

*   RENT, the playscript

*   The Traveling Companion and Other Plays, Tennessee Williams

*   A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams

*   27 Wagons Full of Cotton, Tennessee Williams

*   Plays in One Act

All items are held on the Reserve Shelf at the Circulation Desk and can be checked out by any student or faculty/staff member for up to two hours at a time.

B. The Sixth Act also owns many other theatre-related texts (scripts, historical/scholarly sources, DVDs) currently housed in Maria Brandt’s office. Please contact Jeffery Jones at <> for information about the collection. Please contact Maria Brandt at <> for access to the collection. If there is increased demand for any of these materials, we can house them elsewhere.

C.  Finally, The Sixth Act has developed a library guide for all MCC faculty/students. Please check this out:

If you would like more information/access and/or have any suggestions/questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Maria Brandt at <>.

Maria Brandt
The Sixth Act