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Update on Water Test Findings

Last month, in response to elevated lead levels found in some water fountains and sinks, the College took offline water fountains that had lead levels above the Environmental Protection Agency’s action level for lead, including all of the water fountains in Buildings 5 and 8, except those on the first floor. Water coolers have been installed on every floor where fountains have been taken offline; look for them near the elevators. Water coolers will soon also be available in some labs throughout building 7 (floors 1 through 3).

Initial testing of sinks was focused on laboratory and kitchenette sinks. As previously reported, five sinks were found to have elevated levels and are identified by signs recommending that their use be limited to handwashing only. Subsequent testing of water samples from bathroom sinks across the Brighton Campus indicated some readings above EPA actionable levels on “first drawn” water samples (i.e. water taken immediately upon turning on the faucet). Lead levels from those faucets fell below actionable levels when the water sample was taken after a quart of water had been drawn.

Because the health and safety of our college community is MCC’s highest priority, it is recommended that water for consumption be sourced only from water coolers, kitchen/kitchenette sinks not marked as for hand-washing only, and fully-functioning water fountains. Lead level monitoring will continue on a schedule to be determined and updates to our property preservation plan will consider long-term remediation.

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Hezekiah Simmons
Vice President, CFO, Administrative Services