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Bruce Malin Receives Administrative Services’ Diligence & Conscientious Performance Award

In every department there are individuals that just ‘get the job done.'  These people, and there are many, can be counted on day in and day out to perform at a high level simply because it is what they do and their efforts often go unnoticed by those outside of their department.  They don’t expect to receive praise for a job well done.  One such individual works in the Accounting Services Department – and has performed at a high level for many years.  This person is none other than Bruce Malin. 

Bruce works behind the scenes assembling the College’s financial statements and assists in facilitating the annual audit– all of which is presented to the Board of Trustees.  Those in need of financial data from the cumbersome Banner system know that Bruce is the first resource to write such reports.  Recently, Bruce produced student scholarship activity reports for use by various departments.  These reports ensure others are aware of the various awards available to our students and promote increased utilization of the funds. 

Bruce does all of this with a calm attitude and incredible sense of humor which makes him a pleasure to work with.  He is the backbone of the Accounting Services Office and his level of knowledge, accuracy and dependability is second to none. 

Bruce has certainly earned the Quarterly Award for Diligence & Conscientious Performance – and we thank him for ‘getting the job done’ every day.

Heze Simmons
Vice President, Administrative Services