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SGA April 22nd Minutes Addendum on Lockdown Procedure

Richard Schill of Public Safety would like to provide additional information to the SGA Minutes of April 22, 2014. Please see the below clarification on “LOCKDOWN” Procedures at Monroe Community College, as well as the steps to take during a lockdown.

Due to the fact the Brighton Campus is an open campus, with more than 80 entrances and exits; it would be an impossibility to secure all those immediately. Locking down means immediately getting to a securable area of cover (preferably one that is concealable) and taking all the additional safety steps (silencing cell phones, turning off lights, etc.).


1.     An announcement will advise of the current situation (MCC Emergency Alert System, NY Alert).

2.     Immediately seek shelter in the nearest classroom or office area.

3.     Lock the door to the classroom or office.  Once inside, remain in your rooms until an “ALL CLEAR”.

4.     During a lockdown, occupants of each room should:

- Cover windows or openings and turn the lights off.

- Take shelter in the most interior area and barricade the door(s).

- Do not make noise and silence cell phones.

- Do not evacuate for a Fire Alarm during a lockdown unless instructed to do.

- Do not attempt to leave the room or building until told to do so.  The exception is when you believe that you are in more danger by staying.

***During lockdown, no one should be in the halls except Public Safety and Police***

Lisa Truman
Office of Student Life and Leadership Development