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Chancellor's Awards for Excellence Call for Nominations

Would you like to nominate a faculty or professional colleague for one of the 2014 - 2015 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards? See below for basic SUNY requirements that apply to all five awards. Please be aware that SUNY regards any requirements they may set as bare minimum performance guidelines. Individual campuses are encouraged to present candidates that surpass these requirements.

The Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence are SUNY System-level honors conferred to acknowledge and provide system-wide recognition for consistently superior professional achievement and to encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence. Each individual campus convenes a committee of previous Chancellor’s Award Winners to determine which names go forward to SUNY. Final selection is determined by SUNY.

This award is intended for “individuals of achievement, committed to the State University and its students, respected by the campus community and worthy of emulation by colleagues and students on the home campus and across the entire System.” Due to the prestige of this award, it is recommended that candidates have 10 or more years of service at MCC.

The Monroe Community College deadline for 2014 - 2015 submissions is December 5, 2014 to Human Resources, Room 1-303A.  Please submit an original – without staples or hole punches – and 9 copies to Sandy Warren.

The awards provide SUNY-wide recognition in five categories:

1. Faculty Service
2. Librarianship
3. Professional Service
4. Scholarship and Creative Activities
5. Teaching


Individuals nominated for these awards must meet all prescribed eligibility criteria and must fulfill – and preferably surpass – the selection criteria for the specific award for which they are being nominated. In all cases, candidates must be individuals of achievement, committed to the State University and its students, respected by the campus community and worthy of emulation by colleagues and students on the home campus and across the entire System.


Each award has program-specific eligibility criteria; nonetheless, there are eligibility criteria common to all. Regardless of program, nominees must have completed three academic years of full-time appointment out of the five years just prior to the year of nomination. Individuals serving in part-time, or any qualified academic rank, such as adjunct, clinical, or visiting capacities – irrespective of length of their service or amount of their involvement – are ineligible for these programs. However, we encourage campuses to create internal awards programs that would recognize individuals serving in these types of positions.  Please see attached program-specific eligibility criteria.


There are also circumstances that preclude nomination regardless of the program. The following are special conditions that limit eligibility and these restrictions apply to all programs:

Individuals holding Distinguished Faculty Rank: Distinguished Librarian, Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Service Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor – may not be nominated for an Excellence Award in any of the categories;

Individuals holding qualified academic appointments (as defined in SUNY Board of Trustees policies: individuals holding the title of lecturer or titles of academic rank preceded by the designation “visiting” or other similar designations) may not be nominated;

The chief campus officer for academic, student, or administrative affairs, or persons serving in these capacities, may not be nominated for an Excellence Award. Therefore, other examples of positions excluded are: the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Executive Vice Chancellors, Associate Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts, Deputy Counsels, Campus Presidents, Campus Provosts, Deputy Provosts, Deputies to the President, Chiefs of Staff, Officers-in-Charge, Vice Presidents and Deans of the College of Ceramics at Alfred University and the New York State Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, of Human Ecology, of Industrial and Labor Relations and of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University are ineligible for nomination;

Individuals should not be nominated in the same season for promotion to Distinguished Faculty rank and an Excellence Award in the same category (e.g., an individual should not be nominated for a Distinguished Teaching Professorship and an Excellence in Teaching award);

Posthumous nominations are ineligible.

If you have any questions regarding the Excellence Awards process, please contact Julianna Frisch or Sandy Warren, ext.2106.

Sandy Warren
Human Resources