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FA's Mediation Project Spotlighted in Latest New York Teacher

Check it out: The MCC Faculty Association's Mediation Project was featured in an article in the April 12 2007 edition of New York Teacher. The report quotes two of the project coordinators, Marlene Goho and Patricia Kress, as they discuss why and how the program began, its goals and scope, and the role of the mediator in conflict resolution.

Last summer eighteen volunteers, all members of the MCC community, underwent training in mediation and conflict management. This semester, the FA Mediation Project was officially launched. You may have seen their volunteers at one of your recent departmental meetings, as they have been making appearances to let people know about the program and how it works. You may also have seen their blue pamphlets in the mailroom , on bulletin boards, and in mailboxes.

So what is mediation? Mediation provides an opportunity for individuals to resolve interpersonal conflicts in a confidential, safe environment. Mediators do not judge, take sides, or offer up solutions. Rather, they assist the parties in coming to their own agreements, outside the purview of management, and to their mutual satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more or think you might benefit from mediation, contact Patricia Kress at <<>>.

Patricia Kress