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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are being posted for your review for the period February 11 through February 24. You can view them by clicking in

CR20Fall        HED 130 Foundations of Personal Health and Wellness
CR21Fall        MTH 141 Technical Mathematics II
CR22Fall        MTH 175 Precalculus Mathematics with Analytic Geometry
CR23Fall        MTH 200 Applied Calculus
CR24Fall        MTH 205 Technical Mathematics III
CR25Fall        MTH 210 Calculus I
CR26Fall        MTH 211 Calculus II
CR27Fall        MTH 212 Calculus III
CR28Fall        COM 142 Broadcast Performance
PR3Fall         Electrical Apprentice Certificate
PR5Fall         Liberal Arts & Sciences: Nutrition Advisement Sequence

Elsie V. Beach
Curriculum & Program Development