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Critical Construction Reminder - Air Conditioning Outage Friday for Brighton Campus

As a reminder to everyone –

Construction activities in the basement of building 7 will require that the chiller plant be shutdown starting tomorrow, 5/25/12. There will be no chilled water available to provide air conditioning from Friday until sometime Tuesday, 5/29/12. Construction work will proceed through the holiday weekend until the work is done and we will re-fill the chilled water system as quickly as possible to return it to service on Tuesday.

Our prayers for snow might not be answered, so please dress according to the forecast. You are welcome to bring in an extra fan, or iced tea to help keep cool. We will continue to run the air system to circulate and bring in fresh air. We will do everything possible to minimize the discomfort.

Starting on Tuesday, 5/29, the north half of building 6, and the south half of building 7 will be cooled by the temporary air conditioning units located outside. The work to replace the air handlers serving these areas will take approximately 6 weeks. This temporary system will need constant attention and adjustment. Please call Facilities if problems arise.

Blaine Grindle
Facilities Engineering

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