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Curriculum Database “Moving Day”

ETS Computing liaison, Bob Reynolds and the Curriculum Office are pleased to announce that the curriculum proposals web site has been moved to a new web server. When you login, you will continue to use your MCC username and password as you always have. The design and functionality of the web site remain the same as well. However, you may notice a few things when using the Curriculum Database.

1)      If you link to the website using a link in one of the notification emails, it will first take you to the old server before re-directing you to the new server. Therefore, you will probably be prompted to login twice. This should only affect emails you received prior to Nov 12, 2009. New email notifications will contain links directly to the new server.

2)      If you bookmarked the Curriculum Proposal web site, it is possible you will be pointed to the old server. In this case, you will have to login twice as noted in number 1. Please update your bookmark to the new server, if needed.

3)      All links on the MCC web site should point to the new server. Yet, it is possible we have missed some links. The web address for the database home page should be:

If you do not see this URL, please contact the Curriculum Office.

4)      It is important to note that the new server has a “time-out” setting that will log you out if you are inactive after 30 minutes. This is to enhance security and prevent unauthorized users from accessing the employee web site. Because of this “time-out”, it is important to save your work frequently. It is likely that you will lose any work that isn’t saved when a time-out occurs.

If you have problems or questions, please contact the Curriculum Office.

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum & Program Development