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New Downtown Campus: Revisiting Design.

The process of revisiting the proposed design of the new downtown campus is underway, with project and faculty leaders meeting last week and this week to discuss space needed and ways to gather input.

With input from DCC faculty and staff leaders, the project team is identifying the number of walled offices to recommend to the Steering Committee. The current plan calls for 150 open offices (for faculty, professional and support staff); with input gathered recently and in the coming days, the current office plan will be modified.

There are multiple ways to stay abreast of, and provide input on, the project’s developments:

1.      The most up-to-date floor plans are on display in the DCC Community Room 4-193 this week. The plans may be viewed Wednesday, October 22, 9 –11 a.m. and 1 – 7 p.m.; and Thursday, October 23, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Post it notes will be available for leaving feedback.

2.      Faculty
1 who are involved with the project team have been asked to facilitate information flow. Other faculty members with questions or input should not hesitate to contact any of these individuals.

3.      Student life/services spaces in the proposed design will be discussed at a DCC Student Services staff meeting on November 5.

4.      Academic space discussion, such as for the Learning Centers and the Learning Commons, is ongoing. A few meetings have taken place and more will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

With this input, the Steering Committee will revisit the proposed design, identify modifications to reflect the institution’s stated priorities, and share a new plan with the college community. As the timeline becomes clearer, we will share it with you.

1 Jann Avery, Jim Coffey, Rick Costanza, Bill Dunning, Bob Kennedy, Ramona Moore, Joan Mullaney, Rich Stevens, Jason Szymanski.

Heze Simmons
CFO and Vice President, Administrative Services