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RPD to assist with traffic enforcement around the Downtown Campus

When we first moved into the Downtown Campus, I invited you to share your experience in your new learning and teaching environment. Please know that your feedback has been invaluable as we seek ways to build community. Several of you have expressed safety concerns crossing Morrie Silver Way. As a result, our Public Safety team has been working diligently with the City and County to explore solutions. Beginning this week, the Rochester Police Department (RPD) will be assisting us with traffic enforcement in the following ways:

• RPD has set up a speed trailer on Morrie Silver Way just west of N. Plymouth Ave to gauge the average speed
• RPD will assist in enforcement with vehicles not stopping at the crosswalk
• RPD will engage in speed limit enforcement
• RPD will assist with enforcement related to vehicles stopping in front of the building

I encourage you to continue to obey all traffic laws and have a safe commute to and from campus.

Frater, Joel
Executive Dean's Office - DC