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GreenSaver Rideshare Program Update

In light of the increased parking permit and fine violation costs implemented this year by Monroe County, MCC was directed to create a program to assist students in saving on gas and parking expenses in a ride share program that would also be environmentally friendly. A large representative committee began meeting in the spring and developed the GreenSaver Rideshare program. With the increasing enrollment numbers, it was also hoped that this new program would reduce the number of cars on the Brighton campus. Several surveys were conducted during the Spring 2010 semester indicating that there were over sixty(60) vacant parking spaces in Lot A at any given time, Monday through Friday. As such, the committee decided that taking fifty-five(55) spaces in Lot A for the GreenSaver program would not create a problem for the faculty and staff that normally use this lot. There were also forty-five(45) spaces in student Lot C and thirty-five(35) spaces in student Lot J that were designated for the program.

Last week there were several concerns addressed to me concerning the availability of parking spaces in Lot A. Many factors impacted the available spaces in Lot A, including the displacement of the administration loop parkers for the first week of classes and the general increase of use by authorized users. Although the initial sale of GreenSaver permits is low, we are confident that the sales will pick up rapidly as we near the September 28 date for permit enforcement to begin, and students are able to compare class schedules with classmates to collaborate driving times and learn more about the program. Users of Lot A should remember that parking is also available in the gated parking Lot K.

After the first few weeks of classes, Lot A should be able to absorb the number of spaces designated for the GreenSaver participants based on the surveys conducted. In the meantime, the parking office will only sell GreenSaver spaces in Lot C and J. This will allow faculty and staff members to park in the GreenSaver spaces in Lot A until it becomes necessary to utilize the spaces in Lot A for Green Saver permit holders. Faculty and staff will be notified when this occurs.

Thank you for your patience as we implement this new GreenSaver Rideshare program. We will continue to look at other options for addressing the typical beginning of the semester parking crunch, such as the new expanded overflow area that was created by the Brighton Henrietta Townline Road entrance. Your thoughts and ideas would be welcome via <"">.

Lee Struble
Public Safety