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Update on Summer and Fall Marketing

Marketing and Community Relations works with Enrollment Management and the Virtual Campus to continually market MCC. Here are some recent highlights of our work:

Summer Session Marketing
We’ll launch a digital marketing campaign for summer enrollment next week. This campaign will focus on MCC’s affordable tuition, and our many online and on-campus course options.

The campaign will build awareness and drive response to MCC’s summer course section on 

There will be three main components:

1) Paid Search Advertising – This method delivers ads based on the information people type into the Google search engine and will run in the Greater Rochester market area. When people search for information on summer college courses, ads will appear that link to MCC’s summer web page. With this method of advertising,  MCC will pay for each click on our ads.  So if you search on summer courses in Google and see these ads, please refrain from clicking on them and use the link above for more information. 

2) Banner Ads – Banner ads will appear across hundreds of websites, mobile websites, and mobile applications in the Greater Rochester market area.  These ads will link to the MCC summer website.

3) Facebook Advertising – This type of advertising enables MCC to engage with a very specific target audience.  Research shows that college students still predominantly engage and follow brands on Facebook more than on any other social media channel.

A sample of the summer session ads is attached below.

Fall Semester Marketing
In addition to the summer campaign, marketing for fall semester has been underway for several months with a number of direct mail campaigns, special events and some digital advertising.

Our direct mailings target prospects encouraging them to apply to MCC or to attend one of our events. We identify potential MCC students by looking at factors such as age, income, and level of household education.

We also reach out to people who have inquired about MCC, or who have applied, but have not yet registered.   We also reach out to prospect groups such as our dual enrollment students who have not applied to MCC.

We’ll increase our fall advertising with many more tactics in the months ahead.  Keep tuned to the MCC Daily Tribune for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Debra Davis, Director of Marketing Communications, at x3025.

Debra Davis
Marketing and Community Relations

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